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How to Grow Companies In Africa is the motivation for Gabriel Domale Consulting. We are a team of management consultants providing insights to companies and investors operating in Africa.

We adopt a “success-based consulting model" to drive growth across the continent.

Local consultants can help African companies

Africa has enormous challenges. Interestingly, Africa has become a continent of enormous opportunities and problems waiting to be solved. Gabriel Domale Consulting prides itself as a "team of solutions waiting for problems".

African companies are technically competent. Yet they are experiencing operational difficulties. These include ineffective business strategy, funding strategy, corporate governance, cost management, performance management, due diligence, and lack of appreciation of the little things.

Most businesses will like to get the services of management consultants but they lack the funds to pay for consulting fees. They are reluctant to include consulting services in their frontend cost planning.

African companies with a low level of initial working capital can work with local consultants with support of banks to create mutual benefits. Gabriel Domale Consulting is facilitating a more collaborative relationship between banks and African business leaders.

Success-based Consulting model

Does your company have a business model that will lead to growth? And you are struggling to pay for needed management consulting services? You should contact Gabriel Domale Consulting info@gabrieldomale.com or +2347034604152

Gabriel Domale Consulting, an African based management consulting firm is offering a success-based consulting approach to help companies in Africa to achieve growth and competitiveness.

Success-based advisory means we take the risk of being paid upon successful outcomes. As a management consulting firm passionate about the future of Africa, we link the growth of our firm to the growth of our clients. We create an interdependence relationship.

At Gabriel Domale Consulting, we provide you with high-worth management consulting services and allow you to adopt a “structured deferred consulting fee scheme”.

Our success-based consulting model enables companies in Africa to focus on delivering their products and services to the market. While the consulting services are paid for from revenue. Our clients are able to reduce their frontend cost loading.

And importantly, our success-based Consulting model drives growth strategy across the continent. This success-based consulting model is critical to the growth of Africa being the new frontier of opportunities.

Preparing African business leaders for the future

Our experienced consultants provide advisory to business leaders who want to take their organisations competitively into the 2020s.

To ensure global relevance, we utilise prior research work done by the World Economic Forum, discussing five core areas of focus:

1. Master the new logic of competition: The emerging wave of technology including artificial intelligence will turn every business into an information business. Companies will increasingly need to compete by leveraging technology to identify and fulfil each individual customer’s changing needs.

2. Design the organization of the future: Organizational designs must embed the technology that continuously gathers information, derives insights using machine learning, and act on those insights. The designs should have flexible backbone systems and evolvable business models.

3. Apply the science of organizational change: Most companies are reluctant to undertake fundamental change. It is important they initiate their transformation programs early. Leaders need to employ evidence-based transformation - based on understanding empirically what works.

4. Achieve innovation and resilience through diversity: Diversity is not only a moral imperative but it makes businesses more effective in the long run. Diversity increases the capacity to innovate and resilience. Companies that encompass more heterogeneity are better positioned to withstand unanticipated changes.

5. Pursue social and business values: The role business play in the society is facing greater scrutiny. The model of corporate capitalism is being questioned. Leaders need to create social values as well as economic values. Leaders are expected to proactively shape critical societal issues.

Unsolved business problems impact performance

Business leaders need to speed up decision making and execution to solve critical business problems which often do not appear obvious. Some few examples are shown below:

1. Lack of shared vision: Vision of the company is not reflected in the affairs of the employees and the vision is not known by the lower cadre staff - leading to low staff engagement and productivity.

2. Poor growth strategy and competitiveness: The company is not functioning at full capacity or at its optimum.

3. Poor corporate governance: Decision making lies solely in the hands of the CEO, staff feedbacks are not regarded, and the corporate structure does not fit the organisation – leading to the shrinking of staff ideas and productivity.

4. Inefficient marketing/sales team: No marketing/sales team that sells services to potential clients, no strategy to increase the clientele base, lack of clients - results in lack of jobs being executed and reduction in cash flow.

5. Poor financial management: Finance of the firm is not managed properly, ineffective funding strategy and lack of focus on cost savings.

6. Poor performance rewards system: No policy guiding the remuneration of employees, ineffective performance reward and salary structure - employees are compensated based on their personal relationship, not performance.

Financing strategy

We help companies develop the right frameworks to enable business owners and managers access funding, utilise the funding and fully repay loans. This creates mutual values for businesses, banks and investors.

The Gabriel Domale Consulting model is to drive sustainable growth across Africa.


We create value for business financing in three main areas: (1) helping business owners to develop structured loan proposals and financing strategies, (2) helping banks to conduct due diligence on loan proposals, and (3) providing support to business owners to deliver contracts/projects timely and within costs – ensuring full loan repayments.

This model is rooted in our strategic thinking that if African companies can be supported to achieve grow then African banks will also grow. 

Oil industry operators and investors

The oil and gas industry space in Nigeria and Africa is opening up progressively for more participation of local investors as marginal oil field operators. Often these local investors collaborate with foreign investors to operate marginal oil fields. Investors should understand the implications of investment and field development of the marginal oil fields. 

Investing in the oil and gas industry is usually complex, challenging and rewarding. Yet there are a lot of blind spots. It is always advisable that the services of ex-managers with decades of actual working experience in the oil and gas industry should be sought. This is to avoid mistakes made by earlier marginal oi field investors. 


You may refer to the following Nigerian regulations: (1) petroleum (amendment) decree 23 of 1996, (2) marginal field operations (fiscal regime) regulations of 2005, and (3) guidelines for the award and operation of marginal fields in Nigeria (explanatory note).

Technical and commercial advisory – Oil and gas industry

Operators and investors in the oil and gas industry should seek technical and commercial advisory. Gabriel Domale Consulting functions as technical and commercial advisors.

The advisories being provided should include operatorship; corporate and business strategy; finance and treasury operations; transformation, governance structure, risk and compliance; investment plan and budget planning; commercial and technical due diligence; capital efficiency and operational excellence; and cost reduction program.


Gabriel Domale Consulting has the expertise to help investors have a better understanding of the oil and gas industry, especially the marginal oil field investors and operators. We provide support in cost estimation, valuation, economics, cost reduction, finance operations, planning and budget.

Some of our advisory services

Gabriel Domale (Management Consulting) acts as Independent Advisor to Business Leaders, E&P Oil and Gas companies, Investors, Banks, and EPC Contractors by providing advice on:

1. Merger & Acquisition (M&A): Insights on the challenges, opportunities, portfolio strategy, and asset trading (acquisitions and divestments), and asset valuation decisions.

2. Global Management practices: Provide knowledge and insights into why multinational companies are more successful than local companies.

3. Oil reserve valuation: Comprehensive review of surface data and preparation of Competent Person’s Report (CPR).

4. Financial Approval Authority - best practices for financial delegation of authority frameworks.

5. Upstream Capital Projects: Different organizational models for execution and support, projects’ categorization process and allocating project category/classification to teams.

6. Investment plan: Preparation of investment plan, securing approval by decision review boards, and cross-functional interaction of experts in the investment process.

7. Oil Production Market: Constraints to increasing production and necessary investments to increase oil production.

8. Transformation | Restructuring: Best practices in transforming and restructuring businesses and finance function.

9. Joint Venture Agreement and Unitization Unit Agreement: Preparing venture operating agreement and unit operating agreement – finance operations

10. Business models: For Management consulting firms; E&P oil and gas firms; e-commerce; restaurant and event place; financial services (private equity, venture capital, M&A); NGO, and a foundation.

11. Corporate and Business Strategies: Translate corporate and business strategies into financial and business plans and implement strategic improvements.

12. Corporate Finance: Develop a funding strategy to evaluate financing options and working capital partners to raise funding.

13. Talent Resource Management: Lead finance executive search, training and coaching.

14. Stakeholders Management: Maintain networks with oil and gas industry leaders, clients, investors and financial institutions.

15. Value-For-Money Audit: Review ad report on efficiency link between costs, governance and value realised.

16. Contract (Tender) Board Decisions: Provide advisory on contract approvals, contract performance reporting, and contract risks management.

Overview - Gabriel Domale Consulting

Gabriel Domale Consulting, a leading management consulting firm, helps companies in Africa to grow, provides insights to leaders and transforms institutions.

The firm is being led by Dr Leesi Gborogbosi and he has a strong motivation to help transform local companies into multinational companies. Dr Leesi Gborogbosi is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). 


Strategy: To be the most innovative and collaborative management consulting firm, creating sustainable value for organizations in Africa.

Slogan: 1. ► We Help Companies In Africa To Grow 2. ► We Are A Team Of Solutions Looking For Problems!

Industry focus: Oil & gas; capital projects/construction; fast-moving consumer goods; hospitality; technology; agriculture; public sector; non-profit organisations and financial services ( banks, private equity, venture capital, and merger & acquisition).

Core business: Direct consulting; call advisory; short-term assignments/projects; non-executive directorship; interim management role; and finance executive search.

Our consulting services: Finance; Value-For-Money Audit; Taxation and Audit; Strategy; Contracting Strategy; Budget Planning; Performance Management; Merger and Acquisition; Due Diligence and Deal Advisory; Governance, Risk and Compliance; Leadership Development; CFO & Non-Executive Director Search; training; Transformation; Cost Reduction and Optimization; Facilities Management; government and public sector; and Institutional Reforms. 

Our value propositions

We collaboratively work with business leaders and their organizations to identify growth opportunities and create value through operational excellence in strategy implementation and capital efficiency by delivering projects within costs, building strategy and planning frameworks and crafting of innovative funding solutions.

We provide support to finance leaders to make crucial decisions and optimize performance through financial excellence in finance systems and accounting operations, budgeting, finance transformation, cost reduction, governance, risk, and compliance.

What differentiates us

The edge that the firm has arisen from:

1. Our managers have worked for Fortune-100 E&P oil and gas company (Shell Nigeria – a Royal Dutch Shell company).

2. Each manager has a minimum of 20 years’ hands-on experience.

3. We have deep knowledge and insights into global management practices that we are willing to transfer to grow your business.

4. Wide industry’s network of contacts within the – oil and energy industry, and the banking industry.

Our team

We have a team of consultants who are competent and very experienced managers in the oil & gas industry and will help your organization beat the competition and achieve exceptional financial outcomes.

We do not only provide financial advisory and consulting services to our clients but also work with them to implement innovative solutions.

Our leading consultants are ex-managers from the oil and gas industry with a minimum of two decades of hands-on leadership experience and insights.

How we create value for clients

We leverage our deep hands-on functional and industry experience of our people with a focus on global models and knowledge of the local environmental dynamics.

The growth of our firm is hinged on the strategic perspective of growing a strong relationship with our clients and working with them to achieve competitive advantage and viable market growth.

Gabriel Domale (Management Consulting) is committed to continuously engage the clients to develop innovative solutions and to collaboratively implement business decisions to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Imperatively, we empower the clients to fully participate in the process of directing the work-in-progress, growing capabilities, leadership skills and systems enhancement.

We take seriously the building of internal support systems; dealing with challenging issues and welcoming realistic recommendations to drive clients’ ability to play in the local and global markets.

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Dr Leesi Gborogbosi | CEO, Gabriel Domale Consulting

Dr Leesi Gborogbosi is the CEO of Gabriel Domale Consulting, a management consulting firm based in Nigeria, that helps companies in Africa to grow, provides insights to leaders and transforms institutions.

He has about three decades of leadership experience in the oil and gas industry (Shell Nigeria). He is an expert in finance, strategy, corporate governance, transformation, cost management, leadership development and due diligence.

Dr Leesi Gborogbosi was Project Finance Manager of Upstream Oil & Gas Projects (7 projects - Headline size: $8 bln) - Southern Swamp Associated Gas System, Forcados Yokri Integrated Project, Otumara, Adibawa, Agbada and Assa North/Ohaji South Projects.

He provided advisory services namely, strategic planning, budget management, funding strategy, risk management, governance, due diligence and investment plan covering the full life cycle of the seven major upstream oil/gas projects, power facilities and export pipelines.

He collaboratively works with business leaders and their organizations to identify growth opportunities and create value through operational excellence in strategy implementation and capital efficiency by delivering projects within costs, building strategy and planning frameworks and crafting of innovative funding solutions.

Dr Leesi Gborogbosi provides support to finance leaders to make crucial decisions and optimize performance through financial excellence in finance systems and accounting operations, budgeting, finance transformation, cost reduction, governance, risk, and compliance.

He has doctoral degrees in strategy and business studies and MSc (Research Methodology in Management) from IE Business School, Madrid and an MBA (Finance and Banking) from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria; and BSc (Accountancy) from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He had his secondary education at Federal Government College, Jos, Nigeria.

His doctoral dissertation focuses on strategy implementation, collaboration, the role of middle managers, and the dynamics of social movements (host communities).

Dr Leesi Gborogbosi leverages his professional experience as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC); Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria; and The Institute of Management Consultants. He is member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, London; Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered); and Strategic Management Society, Chicago, United States.

He was nominated by the Strategic Management Society, Chicago for "Best International Conference Paper Prize Awards" in 2017 and 2015. He was appointed the Chair for the Session on “Leading change implementation processes” at the Strategic Management Society conference in Denver, United States in 2015.

Dr Leesi was a member of the Strategic Management Society “Special Committee on Diversity and Inclusion”, Chicago, USA, with the responsibility of providing the Strategic Management Society Board of Directors with a good audit of where the Strategic Management Society stands with respect to inclusiveness in its activities.


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About us: Gabriel Domale Consulting, a leading management consulting firm, helps companies in Africa to grow, provides insights to leaders and transforms institutions. Our consultants utilize their decades of hands-on experience to provide advisory in finance, strategy, corporate governance, transformation and leadership training to help companies and public institutions to transform their operations. We encourage leaders seeking insights to visit our BLOG here and also Request For Proposal (RFP) for our consulting services here