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You are one of almost 8,000 CMCs that work around the Globe. This is your opportunity to engage with like-minded CMCs so you can leverage this unique resource in your own practice. Register for the CMC-Global Directory. Membership is now open. Registration is simple. Enter your LinkedIn URL and the relevant information and your photo will be transferred. Then complete the profile information to let your fellow members know of your areas of expertise...

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If you work internationally, or intend to, the CMC Directory is the place for you. Join with CMCs from around the world who want to find like-minded colleagues for project teams. It is also THE place to share ideas and knowledge. Everyone in the directory is a CMC – the mark of management consulting professional excellence...


Advancing our Profession Worldwide
ICMCI continually works to align all stakeholders as we work together to advance our management consulting profession.
Vision (Where we are headed in next 5 years)
To be a leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success, and base our actions throughout our network on our Professional Code of Conduct...

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CMC-Directory is Launched!


This service has been developed for Certified Management Consultants (CMCs) only. It is a gathering place for CMCs who have international interest or aspire to be better connected globally. Now you can easily be in touch with colleagues who share a similar

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Welcome to the CMC-Directory – Message from the Chair

The consulting industry is in a state of change, as are most industries in to-day’s world. The globe is shrinking, and our ability as consultants to interact with peers is becoming increasingly important.

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How Manager Effectiveness Improves Organization Performance

As President of Effective Managers™, I am delighted to be one of the first members of the CMC Global Directory. I have always believed that collaboration is the true key to success in the management consulting profession.

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