You are one of almost 8,000 CMCs that work around the Globe. This is your opportunity to engage with like-minded CMCs so you can leverage this unique resource in your own practice.

Register for the CMC-Global Directory. Membership is now open.

Registration is simple. Enter your LinkedIn URL and the relevant information and your photo will be transferred. Then complete the profile information to let your fellow members know of your areas of expertise.

Reach out to fellow CMCs to collaborate on project team formation, and make yourself available to their teams.

The price is a very good deal for the CMCs who are first to join – join now to meet new colleagues and help build this new Directory into an amazing resource for all CMCs. Here are some of the benefits you can already enjoy:

  • Promote your international profile and your own practice by letting everyone know you are a member of the CMC-Global Directory. 
  • Share knowledge. Ask questions and gain advice easily from colleagues 
  • Learn together at regular virtual meetings where you can hear from an expert and then participate in the discussion.
  • Be at the front of the line. Global projects looking for project team members will be promoted through the Directory. As the directory grows we will develop relationships with those seeking specialized services.