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At Organizational Excellence Specialists, we want organizations to be the best they can be and offer a proprietary toolkit for CMC professionals that aligns with the consulting business process, consulting process and organization's quest for better performance.

Applicable to any size and type of organization, the toolkit includes: a publication, scenario games, holistic and modular workshops, assessment and reporting tool, global index and train-the-trainer program. The toolkit offers a tried and true formula for success that has been validated by global research over the past 25 years. This research tells us that organizations successfully implementing the best management practices, that are common to high performing organizations, will develop a culture committed to excellence and achieve exceptional results across a balanced system of measurement.

Figure 1. Organizational Excellence Framework

Over the past five years, Organizational Excellence Specialists has been developing a global index that has captured the current state of excellence by organization size, industry sector and country (region). This index shows the extent to which organizations have a culture committed to excellence (principles) and have deployed the best management practices across key management areas   https://organizationalexcellencespecialists.ca/workshops-events/global-oe-index/

Figure 2. Principles – Canada versus Other Countries

Figure 3. Key Management Areas – Canada vs Other Countries

With over 100 practices included across the key management areas, the index provides a robust diagnostic that aligns beautifully with the CMC body of knowledge and the functional areas of specialty across the membership. The index provides feedback on 'what is going well' and 'what needs to improve' and charts a course for members to work with organizations to build on strengths and address opportunities for improvement. And if you think about it, improving the performance of organizations has a significant impact as higher performing organizations: are more resilient and able to adapt to change, hire employees, buy goods and services, provide support to the community, ultimately make a positive contribution to the local economy, trade and resident quality of life.

Over the past ten years, we have been populating the world with suitably qualified professionals that are using the toolkit to do good work in their communities and countries. And these professionals are adding real value for organizations – working with leaders to confirm strategic imperatives, engaging and involving employees, working with teams to move from current state to desired future state, celebrating results.

Figure 4. Our Global Community

We would invite you to consider joining us in this most important endeavour. By working together, we can make a difference.